Phone Tap: Robbie Rogers




Yeah, um, is this Robbie Rogers?

"Yes it is; who's calling please?"

Robbie! Don't you recognize my voice? It's Coach Nowak!


"Nowak; Peter Nowak; you know, coach of the US Men's Olympic Soccer team"

Oh right. Yeah. Hi.

"Robbie, buddy, I just wanted you to know that I've been watching you very closely this season and, well, I gotta say, you've really been ripping it up; those two you hit last night, one left footed and one right footed, just four minutes apart, well I just turned to the little woman and said...."

"Who is this again?"

Peter Nowak, Robbie. Nowak. My mother of course named me Piotr but Americans have trouble with names that aren't, like, "Bob" or "Chuck" or something, so I Americanized it so that....

"Nowak? Didn't you used to play with the Fire?"?"

Come on, Robbie, now you must remember me - I ran that US U23 camp earlier this year, just before the CONCACAF Qualifying Tournament; you were there with us; and boy, we had us some great times didn't we Robbie? Huh? Didn't we? Late night bull sessions, beer runs at 3 AM, short sheeting Freddy's bed, that food fight in the...."

"Uh, listen, I'd love to is it?"


Right, yeah, sorry, Peter Kojack. From the Fire. Look, I'd love to chat but I'm meeting some freinds and I'm already late so...

"Robbie, wait! Let me cut right to the chase here: I'm making out the roster for the US Olympic team in Beijing and I've put your name right there at the very top of the list! What do you think about that?"

"I'm sorry, who is this again?"


Look man, I gotta run. If Danny O'Rourke gets to the beer before I get there, the only liquid left in the place will be diet Fanta Grape or some shit like that and I.....

"Look Robbie, I know you may possibly be just a little bit miffed over me cutting you from the roster for the quallies, and I hope you'll understand that as a coach I am sometimes called upon to make some tough choices, and I felt at the time that......"

"Sorry Dieter, gotta run; send me an email"


"Robbie? Hello? Robbie?...."