Third in the West v. fifth in the East = marquee matchup

Wow, I got back in time to do actual previews, at least for most of the week's games.

DC United v. Chicago; Thursday
East v. West pick: N/A
Home pick: DC
Power Pick!: DC


Houston v. Colorado
East v. West pick: N/A
Home pick: Houston
Power Pick!: Houston

I'm going to agree with the Power Pick! here. Yeah, so the Raps are in first place. .500 is good enough for first place in the West right now. Your last place, piece of crap, move 'em to St. Louis Dynamo haven't actually lost at home yet this year. If this were later in May, I'd say bet the world, because by June the Rapids have usually started to fade while Houston usually gets rolling. Other views: Black Panther isn't taking this one lightly, WWRapidman is preoccupied. Nutmegging is busy interviewing Jeff. Geez, guys, this game could be the turning point for your seasons. Houston 2-1.

Real Salt Lake v. Dallas
East v. West pick: N/A
Home pick: RSL
Power Pick!: Dallas

I think the Power Pick! is off on this one. Real Salt Lake hasn't bothered to lose at home yet either. For a team as potentially good as the D's could be, they've just been horrifying the past few weeks. And they're still in first place! The West stinks. Jason Benfield thinks this will be very entertaining. Sadly, Marking the Referee is calling it a day - wow, looks like I was a little late in this half-assed attempt to tour the growing MLS blogosphere. Kali will be writing for American Soccer News,, that rings a bell for some reason. RSL, 2-0.

San Jose v. Columbus
East v. West pick: Columbus
Home pick: San Jose
Power Pick!: San Jose

You know what, screw it. I'll go with the Power Pick! That doesn't mean I have to watch, though. Neutrals should cheer hard for an early Crew goal, because the Quakes will definitely be playing kick 'n wish. Schelotto can shred this sort of bunker at will usually, but right now the Quakes have the best defense in California - that must count for SOMETHING, right? Great Tim Hanley preview here. I wonder why can't get anyone to update their Crew page. You'd think the Columbusphere would be positively obnoxious about all this, but so far they've been well-restrained. Matt Bernhardt shakes his head with sympathy at the Wizards defense, Steve Sirk is calling this a bizarro season, and Bill Archer is busy trolling Canadian fans. San Jose, 1-0.

Los Angeles v. New York
East v. West pick: New York
Home pick: Los Angeles
Power Pick!: New York

The over-under for this game is twelve. The last time these two teams met was an Instant (and legitimate) ESPN Classic (again, except for those of you who believe defense should form a part of the sport). The new coaches have continued the defense-optional approach that have made both teams such a huge success in the past couple of years. The Galaxy have found a couple of splendid rookies in Sean Franklin and Brandon McDonald, so if the veterans get their act anywhere near together, the West is there for the Galaxy's taking. But it's a lot more likely that the rookies will start playing like rookies. Anyway, who am I to argue with a Power Pick! Mark gives the individual advantages to the Galaxy, and picks the Red Bulls. That's my kind of analysis. Laurie is a victim of HDNet this weekend. Shame, she'll miss BritWeek. Don't ask. Red Bulls, 8-7.

Chivas USA v. New England
East v. West pick: New England
Home pick: Bizarro Chivas
Power Pick!: New England

Looks like T-Bag is back, but since CUSA's defense is in shambles, it shouldn't matter even if he isn't. Chivas USA is having a Mother's Day promotion, which will undoubtedly alienate Legion 1908. After all, to bring your mother to the game, first you have to know who she actually is. Blue Blooded Journo is worried about the Revolution offense. The only thing I'm interested in reading from a Chivas USA apologist is a suicide note. New England, 3-0.

Kansas City and Toronto have other things to do this week, apparently.