The Early Line

Maybe the most important thing to remember when putting down money on sporting events is: don't get cocky.

Unfortunately, most of us forget that from time to time, which is how bookmakers make the payments on their vacation homes.

So I managed to follow up a brilliant 4 for 4 week by winning just one lousy game. I bet on away teams and played hunches and ended up packing bologna for lunch all week.

So lets try and get un-stupid and get some back. This weeks best available odds, courtesy of ISFA:

Houston - Colorado 1.98/3.70/4.20

RSL - Dallas 2.78/3.60/2.74

San Jose/Columbus 3.45/3.35/2.30

Los Angeles - New York 2.30/3.61/3.20

Chivas USA - New England 2.52/3.40/2.90

The problem of course is that we have three Eastern teams, from the dominant division, traveling to three homestanding Western teams. Picking simply by formula just won't work this week. Have to try and use your head, something I'm not used to.

Can Houston go on losing forever? Can Colorado become a road terror? Can you choose between a "hunch" that Houston will finally break their maiden and stupidly betting on an way team? Oh what the heck, gimme the De la Hoyas @ 1.98

RSL/Dallas: Your guess is as good as mine. No thanks.

I'm tempted to go for the draw on SJ/Columbus, since I can't believe the Josers can win this one and I can't bring myself to bet on an East Coast team in California. I probably should just take a pass, but let's go with Kissing Your Sister @ 3.35

Los Angeles vs. NYRB is maybe the most interesting matchup of the day. Pity it's only on HDNet. Do you follow the "East beats West" trend, or the "LA at home and showing signs of life" trend? I'll have LA please, at 2.30, but it's probably a mistake.

Lastly, there's unfathomable Chivas hosting a Revolution side which has stuck it to me week after week. I have to give Chivas the edge here, and take the short odds @ 2.52.