Kreis Suspended & Fined for Referee Criticism

THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE is reporting that RSL Coach Jason Kreis is being fined and suspended for this weekend's game for publicly complaining about the officiating in several games this season.

Kreis complained about "being wronged by critical referee decisions" and also said, "It's about time they start first off trying to be right, and then being fair. It's too many game-breaking calls, all of them against Real Salt Lake."

It's likely to be cold comfort that the fine will go directly to the US Soccer Foundation instead of the MLS Headquarters Office Party Fund, since judging by the caliber of the suits he's wearing he really needs the money.

Kidding aside, you have to applaud the guy. He knows the rules as well as anybody else, knew it was going to cost him and felt that he had to speak out anyway.