MLS Week 7 Power Rankings!

Good discussion of Power Rankings! by Jeff over at Center Holds It. But, unfortunately, he doesn't have access to the same kind of analysis that I do for my list.

1. New England (last week's ranking: 3, +2)
2. New York (1, -1)
3. San Jose (11, +8)
4. Kansas City (4, -)
5. Houston (14, +9)
6. FC Dallas (8, +2)
7. Toronto (7, -)
8. Real Salt Lake (6, -2)
9. Chivas USA (5, -4)
10. Columbus (13, +3)
11. DC United (10, -1)
12. Los Angeles (2, -10)
13. Chicago (13, -)
14. Colorado (9, -5)

Flipping New England and New York, but apart from San Jose, not a lot of change at the top otherwise. The rankings really have a good feeling about the Revolution coming on strong once they heal up - they're not concerned about the setback over the weekend. A draw against Toronto sends the Red Bulls down a spot. Houston was very impressive in their draw against the defending Western Conference champs. The Crew's win at home lets them crack the top ten.

The Galaxy's woeful defense really cost them - they will absolutely have to correct their issues in the back. Most of the other teams at the bottom can't catch a break - the Rapids head into Robertson Stadium this week, and the last time they faced a winless team, that team ended up being winless no longer. Tomorrow's match features two of the lowest-rated teams, DC and Chicago. DC United has to be favored, playing at home and ranked higher, but that's the problem with scheduling marquee games this far in advance - as the season goes on, you get a match between two bottom-feeders like this week. Still, we should watch anyway, to support the league, and because JP's such an improvement over DOB.