Goal of the Week Nominays

Someone told me that Beckham wasn't leading the Goal of the Week voting this week, so I thought I would check for myself. Because man, I must have missed some terrific shots if neither of Beckham's goals is running away with it. So I watched the goals, again, and my reactions were pretty consistent.

Espindola - meh.

Van Den Bergh - set up by a lousy call, and the wall jumped out of the way. Whee.

Rolfe - "Revs absolutely falling asleep....It's amazing that Rolfe could get that much time and space right in front of the goal...." Ringing endorsement from the announcers.

Well, that settles that - Beckham had the two best goals of the week, so if he's not winning, fans must be splitting their votes.

Except, right now, it's Rolfe 50%, and both Beckham goals together add up to 44%. It's not vote-splitting. Either Fire fans are rocking the vote, or the sort of hardcore fan who votes in weekly MLS polls won't give Beckham credit for anything.

Remember how we all were annoyed at the unblinking, unrelenting, embarrassing hagiographic ultrahype the Beckham circus subjected us to? Well, taking the exact opposite tack isn't the exact opposite - it's the exact same thing. Neither the Beckham haters nor the Entertainment Tonight idiots are actually paying attention to what's going on in the league. And neither point of view is going to do justice to the players, the teams, or the fans. Chris Rolfe is a fine player who scores fantastic goals. He doesn't need your charity.

I don't know why this bugs me, except that I expect better from MLS fans. We became fans of the sport despite popular opinion, not because of it. It's only a stupid little Goal of the Week award, but I don't like seeing our fans turn into kneejerking puppets. If I wanted to deal with that, I'd picket Tom Hicks for ruining everything Liverpool stands for. (Hopefully, that post is tomorrow.)

For an opposing point of view, read (or re-read) this. What happened to this person's blog? It got off to such a wonderful start, then nothing! What gives? Why can't I have nice things?