This, That and the Other Thing

It's worth noting that no Western division team lost to an Eastern division team yesterday.

Then again, no Western division team played an Eastern division team, but that's probably just coincidental. The only Inter divisional clash of week 5 comes this afternoon, when District of Columbia has a chance to a) uphold the honor of the division and b) keep me from going in the hole for the weekend.

Unfortunately, not being a Telefutura household, I'll have to read about it later. I'm certain that there are immensely sensible reasons why I can't park my can in the Barcalounger on a Sunday afternoon and watch an MLS game without having to subscribe to an entire tier of stations that are broadcast in a language I don't speak, but I can't recall what they are at the moment.

On the heels of ESPN talking head Michael Wilpon's comments on Friday about how tossing streamers at players taking corner kicks was "a disgrace" and that MLS needs to "clean up the garbage" if they want to be taken seriously, I noted that KC's Claudio Lopez was practically buried in what terminal goober Max Bretos repeatedly referred to as "toilet paper" but which looked a lot lik streamers to me, in CCS last night.

Apparently the Nordecke didn't get the memo. Or possibly they really don't give a flying fig what Michael Wilpon thinks.

However that may be, I found the incident as amusing as the similar situation with Guillermo Barros-Schelotto in BMO earlier this year.

In both cases, I figure the fans are doing the players a favor; those guys have both played a whole bunch of games in front of some pretty hostile crowds, and I figure getting a half ton of paper dumped on them a) makes them feel more at home ad b) reminds them that in the US the odds are good that the only thing hitting you will indeed be paper.

Some people within the soccer community are starting to whine about how the streamers thing is "getting old" and ought to be curtailed. Maybe it's just me, but I think it's a bit of harmless fun, and I've never ever heard a single player suggest otherwise.

In any case, it only happens occasionally, since the kick usually has to come from the correct corner, be taken by the correct team and it usually only happens on the first such kick because most fans chuck it all out there the first chance they get, probably on the theory that there may not be a "next time".

If it's ever up to a vote, put me down solidly in the "Oh come on, get the stick out of your ass" column. Until the players stop acting like they basically enjoy it, leave it alone.

I can't wait to hear what the talking heads will say about Beckham's brace last night, although I suspect they'll all go from "The guys a useless washed up show pony" to "Big deal, so he did it once, but how many more times can he do it?" in the blink of an eye.

And it's pretty much a sure thing that Steven "Crap for brains" Cohen will use it as another excuse to demand that Becks pick up the phone and call him. And once again, Becks probably won't. Maybe Edson Buddle can give him a ring, if he's not doing anything else.

Finally it's being reported that RONALDO LOST A BIG MONEY SPONSOR over this whole TV hooker kerfuffle, and that Nike may be next.

I'm sure Ronnie will be able to scrape up enough money to keep himself fed anyway, but it's just a shame he's apparently never seen The Birdcage; he could have simply put on a cocktail dress and some eyeliner and boogied on out the door singing We Are Family, and nobody would have been the wiser.

EDIT: Wilpon, Wilbon, who gives a rat's ass? Judas Priest, what's wrong with some of you people? (No, not Publius, the other guy. I had two choices: delete his post or track him down and kick shit out of him. I went for the former)