The (Not So) Early Line

After yesterday's "Fun With Dictators Day" I never got around to posting the odds for this weekend.

Maybe it's because after going 4 for 4 last weekend it's all become too easy. Still, after the typical early season beating I've been taking, all it really did was pull me roughly even on the year.

So now it starts in earnest; here are this weekend's games:

New England - Chicago 2.33/3.45/3.28

Columbus - Kansas City 2.08/3.57/4.00

Houston - Chivas 2.15/3.70/3.65

Salt Lake - Los Angeles 2.48/3.60/3.05

San Jose - Dallas 3.60/3.55/2.25

Colorado - District of Columbia 2.64/3.55/2.85

(I don't find it odd that ISFA still lists Dallas as the Burn, but how in the world they decided that Houston is "1836" baffles me. That was their name for, like, five minutes, long before they ever kicked a ball. Weird.)

And for the guy last week who blamed me for the fact that he doesn't understand the format: you know, Pal, not understanding something is fine; being rude about it is pretty obnoxious.

Just to repeat: the European Odds format always lists the home team first and the numbers represent home win/draw/visitor win respectively.

On to cases:

I don't see how you can pick against New England @ 2.33. If all their defenders are in a car crash this morning, Nicol will simply invent the world's first 0-6-4 lineup and beat you anyway.

Columbus is on fire right now. They're going to come back to Earth at some point, but at home against the Wizards isn't likely to be the time. I'd stay with them for one more week @ 2.08.

Houston/Chivas? No thanks. Chivas is stumbling, Houston is winless, neither team has shown anything close to their potential and odds are that one of them will wake the hell up and beat the other one's brains out, but putting money on which one of them it will be isn't my idea of smart.

Stormin' Mormons vs. Los Angeles: now here's a dilemma; on paper, RSL is the better team, and they're at home. Maybe a draw would be sensible, but I haven't hit on one all season, so I'll play a hunch and take LA @ 3.05.

Sad Jose vs. Dallas should be a no-brainier, but this looks like a sucker bet. Home openers are tricky, but home openers in 10,000 seat stadiums neither team has ever played in before don't give me a warm feeling. Pass.

I hit with The District last week and even though the circumstances are completely different, I think they enjoyed the heck out of winning and will want to do it again: DC @ 2.85.