Friday Housecleaning

So moving along from my primary mission, which apparently is showing pictures of tyrants who've been dead for 60 years looking at a toy car (I'm still searching for a shot of Stalin playing jacks with Mao) I note that UP IN TORONTO THEY'RE DISAPPOINTED over last night's result.

Picture from

I know I give our little frozen brothers a bunch of grief (and they take it with such good humor, don't they?) but as the article notes, this is not just a sea change in expectations but overall a really good thing.

Now if only ESPN would promise to never, ever show that fat pale guy without his shirt again, perhaps I'd watch them another time.

And just as an aside: does EVERYONE in BMO have a beer in each hand, or does it just seem that way?

The Seattle Sounders or The Sounders FC or however one is supposed to refer to them, have just signed their first 2009 MLS roster player. THE FACT THAT HE'S ALSO A CURRENT PLAYER doesn't detract from the event one bit. They're determined not to followthe expansion team model where it's pretty much OK to stink for the first season or two.

They want to start putting their team together now, and they have the money to do it. Maybe every team should try this: surely Frank Marcos wouldn't turn down the USL 1 entry fees, and it gives you the opportunity to get your coaching staff, front office (particularly your sales force) and a core group of players time to get on the same page.

Maybe it's just me, but it seems to make sense on a number of levels.

It's true that Buck Shaw only holds a little over 10,000 people but THEY SEEM TO BE MOVING TICKETS PRETTY WELL OUT THERE.

There are a lot of problems to overcome, not least of which is the tough task of convincing the fans who feel they were unfairly shafted to come back, but it appears they're headed in the right direction.

If I were an SJ fan, I'd be pretty happy about this whole deal. Wolff is a guy who's going to do things the right way. In the long run, it'll be better for everybody.

Via Shawn Mitchell at The Dispatch comes this great photo that one of his "commenters" (thanks Bob, whoever you are) sent along:

It was taken at a Boca Juniors match and shows a young Argentine kid wearing a Guilermo Barros-Schelotto Crew jersey. Somewhere, Don Garber is smiling.

Finally someone sent me THIS LINK - I don't think it's terribly new, but I found it interesting - of Kevin Payne, President of anti-Nazi DC United, talking about the stadium issues and "branding" the team.

A lot of people would like to brand them, of course, but I think Payne means something else entirely.

Interesting piece.