Game's starting in a minute, too. Wow, guess this technically isn't a preview anymore.

According to the Power Rankings!, New York gets the win here. Unlike one of their co-tenants, the Red Bulls were awful on the road last year - only Toronto was worse on the road in the East in 2007. Meanwhile, the Tories have managed to build an actual home field advantage, although I'm going to wait until they make the playoffs before calling Beemoe Field "Azteca North" or "Ali Sami Yen West."

New additions Guevara and Robert have contributed much more than I thought they would - in other words, at all. Both teams strike me as significantly beatable in the defense, though. If THIS time Angel is ready to play, that should be the difference - look for Toronto to be Touched By A Juan Pablo. New York 2-1.

EDIT - by the way, there's no truth to the rumor that MLSE will by a Premiership team and call them Toronto UK.

Nor, sadly is there any truth to the rumor that MLSE will pick new initials so I don't automatically read Maple Leafs Sports Enterprises as Major League Soccer and Entertainment, and picture the next WWE draft featuring Jimmy Conrad and Kyle Beckerman.

So basically the game with Power Rankings! is, I pick them at random, AND make the weekend picks based on those rankings. The challenge for me is, turn random chance into plausible analysis. Let's see how long I can get this joke to last.

Real reason for edits and additions - damn front page massacring this joke. Karma for the spoilers from a month ago, I guess.

....LANDON DONOVAN? Player of the month? Whose ass did they pull THAT out of?