How much of a difference does a coach really make?

Like most Mexicans, I am following the drama of the selection of the next National team coach with baited breath. The big news over the past few weeks: Jesus Ramirez will work through the Belize qualifiers, and Ronald Koeman reportedly turned down the Femexfut. Believe me, if there is one thing in which Mexican footy fans are very well versed, it is the coaching change. Just this season alone there have been a dozen coaching changes in the local league.

It got me thinking. How much does a coach bring to the table? I understand that the coach must have tactical and technical smarts to be successful. But even if the coach is a tactical super genius, it still takes the players to carry out the visionary scheme of the man in charge.

What kind of coach would make up the texmexian ideal? What qualities and intangibles carry more weight? Less?

The texmexian coach would have to be a psychological magician-- one who can carefully weave a web of unity, self reliance, accountability, and dependence through a tumultuous sea of ego, media gotchas, and other dangerous pitfalls.

Of course, my ideal front man would have a firm grasp on the tactical sciences, but I would also want him to be flexible enough to take advantage of his players best qualities and adjust accordingly. a 5-4-1 is great, but if you have a guy that make a 4-2-1-3 work better, then it might be worth taking a look.

Most importantly, though, I want a guy who can instill the confidence in the player to turn good plays into great plays. When preparation meets opportunity, teach a player to let instinct take over. Soccer is a sport of imprecision, but it is defined by moments of brilliance.

Will the Femexfut appease me by finding a coach who possesses all of my most wanted attributes in spades? Probably not. But if they can find the guy that can help the players turn good moments into more great ones, then that's the guy I want.