Yo Adrian

In the finest tradition of Rocky Balboa, HOUSTON OWNER OSCAR DE LA HOYA will enter the ring on Saturday wearing Houston Orange on his robe.

No word on whether Corey Ashe will be picking up three grand for letting The Golden Boy punch his meat, but de la Hoya will doubtless get to keep the robe.

de la Hoya notes that the Dynamo is "actually playing the same night I am fighting and I have a great feeling we will both come out victorious."

His confidence is understandable; I just question what caliber of a "tuneup" for the Mayweather rematch he can get here, since I see that his opponent is Steve Forbes:

I'm thinking you can get some pretty long odds here.

On the heels of the great news that BRAZIL WILL BE PLAYING CANADA IN SEATTLE* comes the news that BRAZILIAN SUPERSTAR RONALDO IS CURRENTLY HIDING OUT, apparently fearing retribution at the hands of cross-dressing Brazilain prostitutes.

Seems Ronaldo had something of a FUNKY COLD MEDINA moment and had to explain that he don't fool around with no Oscar Meyer wiener. Apparently they took offense and now he's in danger of being pummeled by a bunch of guys in panty hose.

I report, you deride.

If, like me, you tend to ignore the announcements that the Admins sometimes put at the top of the various pages, (don't tell them I said that) then you, like me, probably missed THIS VERY COOL NIKE VIDEO which someone helpfully pointed me to. Well worth a minute (or in this case two minutes) of your time.

From San Jose comes a report that owner Lew Wolff IS DROPPING A SIZEABLE CHUNK OF CHANGE on improving the Quake's temporary digs.

The Quakes were out there for more than a decade and couldn't come up with a single soul who'd drop a buck fifty on so much as a can of paint and here's Wolff, ready to spend $3mm on a building he will abandon in three years.

Seems like the confidence shown by the 20,000+ folks who showed up for their opener is well founded. This guy is in it for the long haul.

In other stadium related news the good citizens of Vancouver, Jewel of the Canadian West, are considering an MLS bid WITH BC PLACE AS THE TEMPORARY HOME pending approval of their waterfront project, which seems to be taking longer than the trans-pacific railway.

They rightly note - contrary to the mewlings of many BS posters - that MLS does in fact intend to stop for a good while at 18 teams and that the opportunity may not come again for a while. It's down to crunch time for a bunch of cities, and the scramble for the last two spots is likely to get very interesting.

Meanwhile, things are heating up with the Portland bid for membership in the United Sates of America's Division 1 Professional Soccer League. THEY'VE NOTICED THAT THE BUY IN PRICE IS GOING UP and are also scrambling to get on board before it's too late.

Seems like only yesterday when nobody would return Garber's phone calls, doesn't it? Why I recall Joey Saputo, just to pick a name at random, telling reporters that USL 1 was a better league and that at a buy-in of $10 million, MLS "just isn't worth the price".

How times change.

*Edited to correct lack of brain function