I'm bitter about forgetting to tape Man U-Barcelona, so I'm going to spoil the score for everyone

No, not really.

Thought about it, though. Things to do: remember to put everything on the things to do list. PS, there's a game tomorrow, remember to set the DVR.

I did want to respond to some of the surprise, fear, and the fanatical devotion to...sorry, no, just the surprise and fear emanating from the Houston Dynamo fanbase.

1. You all have it coming, you and your two-time champions that were handed to you in a pretty orange bow. It's about time you learned what the rest of us have had to live through at some point. To paraphrase of one of your late intellectual lights, you were born on third base and think you hit a triple. Well, I'm cranking up Jimi doing Bob's "Like a Rolling Stone" just for you. HOW DOES IT FEEL?!

Wow, that was unpleasant. Sorry, Houston fans. I'm just projecting my failing-to-record rage outward. I didn't mean it.

Well, no, obviously I meant it. But I didn't mean for it to come off like I've been spending the past couple of years seething about how Dynamo fans have had it easy.

I mean, obviously, I have spent the past couple of years....yeah, what say I stop digging at this point.

2. To your credit, you guys seem to be approaching things realistically, which is a lot better than certain fanbases used to success confronted with adversity tend to react. *rolls eyes, whistles innocently*

3. You've had ONE home game. Trust me, guys, you'll pull out of it. (San Jose can also take some solace in the "we've only had one home game" excuse, but I'm not sure home games are gonna help the Quakes. Now, if San Jose had players like De Rosario and Ching, that would be different.)