Things to do list

1. Encourage this guy to post more.

2. Encourage this guy to post more.

3. Search out some more blogs, pimp them. Also, figure out how to get a blogroll going. I'm jealous of Du Nord's.

4. Get my ass over to this thread and own up.

Seriously, how was I supposed to know Joe Franchino would win Comeback of the Year in just 135 minutes? The Galaxy had Vagenas and Pires, and in any case it was Vanney, Xavier and Cronin who were killing us. So I don't feel that bad for not realizing Los Angeles needed a defensive midfielder first and foremost.

And even if I had - Franchino never played d-mid before. I don't think he's played central anything before.

In hindsight, the concept is obvious. To improve the offense, improve the defense. By destroying the opponent's attacks more quickly, you have more time and space to attack.

They still need to work on the actual defense, though.

5. Justify using on-field success as a reason to excuse off-field behavior. Boy, let's see if I can make this plausible. Okay.

5a. Look, if the Galaxy want to give him a second chance, it's their asses on the line, too. Hm. I don't feel comfortable with this - Los Angeles is already the world capital of letting people get away with things if they were ever sufficiently entertaining or talented.

5b. It's none of our business what he does off the field....except this makes me look like a clown for bringing it up. I mean, I wouldn't want Franchino tracking my personal life.

5c. Ah, you see, good on-field performances are PROOF that he has cleaned up his act. Hey, I like this. Booze wore down George Best, and Nails ain't Bestie.

5d. Look, Beckham won't swing at a teammate who angers him. He will simply have him killed. I think Franchino knows this, and will remain on the straight and narrow.

Yes, I believe these rationalizations are sufficiently strong for me to justify cheering for him. Oh, it was nothing. My team has Landon Donovan, David Beckham and Carlos Ruiz. So why NOT cheer for Joey Franchino?

I draw the line at Kovalenko, though.