MLS Monday

Maybe it's just me, but after a 5 for 5 weekend, MLS East looks more and more like the "Black and Blue" division, while for the West "Pink and Lavender" might be more appropriate colors.

For a few years now The San Houston ClashQuake1836Dynamo has been carrying the West around on it's shoulders: while it was clear that the overall quality lay in the East, it was hard to denigrate the division that produced the league champion year after year.

The suits in New York, worshipers at the altar of Parity that they are, were undoubtedly hopeful that with Chivas coming on strong and a couple other teams undergoing serious overhauls in the off season, that the West was ready to finally get some traction this season.

Instead, the Eastern Conference has taken Parity out back and taken a tire iron to it.

Toronto, worst team in the league last season, is on a three game winning streak while Columbus, which has finished out of the playoffs for three straight years, currently stands alone atop the league.

Meanwhile, Houston, the Pride of the West, is the only winless team in the league and Chivas has only managed one win in five games.

So the two worst Eastern teams from 2007 suddenly look very credible, while the West's best two 2007 sides, were they in the East right now, would be solidly planted in last place.

Meanwhile, the Best in the West, Dallas FC, would stand no better than 6th in the East.

Ever since 2000, when the Wizards went literally from worst to first, it's been said that one of the great things about MLS is the way weak teams can turn it around in a single off season and go straight to being contenders, thus providing fans of weak sister teams reason for hope from one season to the next.

Unfortunately for Houston and Chivas fans, the reverse is also true, and this last weekend's East-West pistol whipping seems to indicate that it's not going to change anytime soon.