Not available in Europe...yet

OMG, have you seen this T-shirt? It's like, "Tastycakes," but instead, it's "LANDYCAKES!" It's SO FUNNY! Check it out!

"Now without nuts" - that's WONDERFUL! See, it's a reference to how ineffectual and passive he is! Because he lacks manliness and virility! Ask Preki! Ask Martin Rogers!

If only Preki had been in a position to do something about it, like, say, if he were in charge of a soccer team whose task would be to prevent such a thing from happening. I suppose we'll never know.

You know, it's just barely possible that Preki didn't think Donovan's apology was terribly sincere. Maybe I'm just reading too much in between the lines here.

Players are scorned for celebrating in front of opposing fans, but it's up to that team to prevent this from happening. To pick an example entirely at random, what happened after Ante Razov taunted Galaxy fans after his goal last night.

Celebrating in front of opposing PLAYERS is horribly unsportsmanlike, even I can't bring myself to disagree. But the possible downside is so huge that I can't imagine telling a player not to do it. I mean, yes, it's impolite to go up to a cop and make pig noises in between speculating on his possible erectile dysfunction...but the usual negative reinforcement pattern for such behavior goes way beyond simple bad manners. If Landon wants to tell other professionals off, you have to assume he's aware of the possible consequences. Especially because those other professionals theoretically have the means at their disposal to do something about it...otherwise, they ought to find another profession.

In other news, Landon has officially learned nothing from his throat-slash gesture against Dallas in the Superliga last year. Who wants to be the one to remind him?

While we're on the subject of whoareya T-shirts...some are very clever, but anyone wearing this out in public really ought to be drowned.

(Ideally I'd have put images up, but I've got a hell of a headache today, and I couldn't figure out how to leech or steal the whoareya pix, so, you'll have to follow the links.)