Early Line

Taking a serious beating early in the season is understandable but painful. The excuses are many and convincing, but the bottom line is.well, the bottom line. And mine is looking pretty sad these days, after losing all four a week ago and breaking even last week.

I'm just glad I didn't put anything on that Irish chick on American Idol. I was under the impression that singing, rather than hair, was supposed to be the deciding factor. Fool that I am.

Here are the odds on this weekend's games, brought to you by Carly Smithson:

Toronto - Kansas City 2.54/3.50/2.92

Columbus - Houston 2.28/3.40/3.50

District - Real Salt Lake 1.80/3.85/4.50

Chicago - Colorado 1.99/3.55/4.50

Los Angeles - Chivas 2.52/3.30/3.10

New York - San Jose 1.79/3.65/5.00

I'm staying away from TFC. The oddsmakers were offering huge margins on them and I could have made a killing but decided it was a sucker play at 7.00 and 5.00. So I'm sure not going with them at 2.54.

I like CBus @ 2.28; their confidence is sky high while Houston is beginning to question themselves. A lethal combination. Besides, if Houston goes true to form you pick against them early in the season.

I think the District of Columbia will hammer RSL; they're talented, they're pissed and they're at home. Seemingly a no-brainer @ 1.80.

Ditto Chicago @ 1.99 even though Colorado is beginning to garner some respect. The Fire love playing at Bridgeview.

LA and Chivas? No thanks. If I could figure either of those teams out I'd go apply for Beau Dure's job.

Lastly, even though my preseason pick to win the East isn't exactly making me look like a genius yet, I have faith in NYRB @ 1.79.