Long Ways to Go, Short Time to Get There

Former Taureaux Rouges General Manager Marc de Grandpre has landed the coveted VP of Marketng position at something called "Purple Beverage".

Supposedly this stuff is all the rage amongst cutting-edge healthy types. Who knew?

Apparently the company, which launched late last year, is lousy with former Red Bull (the drink, not the team) execs; always pays to know people. Most observers feel that Red Bull (the team, not the drink) will be better off without him, so it's winners all around.

Still, hot as it appears to be, I'd be careful ringing up yout broker (or racing over to ScottTrade) just yet. At $2.98 a share Purple Beverage's market cap is a robust $168 million, but with sales of $258K in the last quarter of 07 it's difficult to see what, besides hype, it's based on.

Pour me A PURPLE and don't spare the Skyy.

Over at soccernet Doug McIntyre takes on THE WELL WORN TOPIC OF MLS PLAYER ACQUISITION "RULES"

Deputy Commissioner Ivan Gazidis says: "I think we're far more transparent now than we've ever been....The fact that people are debating the [grandfathered] player issue is a manifestation of that. I think we have to explain to the public exactly what's happening."

I agree. Unfortunately, they still really aren't doing much along those lines. A good example came the other day when the Crew announced that they were placing veteran midfielder Duncan Oughton on the six-week disabled list.

The what? Excuse me? Why yes, they said, although "it hasn't gotten much publicity" (league-speak for "we've been keeping it a secret") MLS now has a way to clear a senior roster spot so you can replace an injured player on a temporary basis.

It's certainly true that the HQ in NY doesn't spend nearly as much time as, say, Sunil Gulati used to calling up GM's and telling them who their players were going to be or who he had just traded on your behalf, MLS still has a long ways to go towards being open and honest with their customers.

As people have commented for years, it mostly comes down to the lack of media. Nobody is in a position to demand answers, so no answers are forthcoming.

Over at THE BEST ELEVEN Steve has a list of the highest paid non-DP's in MLS.

It's an interesting take, but ultimately depressing when you scroll down just a little and see that most of them, despite being amongst the highest paid players in MLS, are making what amounts to "league minimum" everyplace else in the US.