I feel I should say something about the whole RSLFM debacle. I was a big fan of the blog, and I was sorry to hear that it was hacked. I followed the story fairly closely, like I'm sure many of you did.

Hopefully NOT like many of you, I jumped to the conclusion as to who might have hacked the site. Long story short, I asked the people at AYL exactly what the deal was, since RSLFM and AYL had been having a fairly public feud, and that made AYL the prime suspect in a hack.

I also, stupidly, bought into a saying that I ordinarily detest - that of protesting too much. There is something blindingly and perversely unfair about taking denials as confessions, but that's exactly what I did. I've mentally kicked myself for it a lot since then.

AYL was very cooperative - much more than I would have been towards a snoopy outsider. What seemed inconsistent ("Wait, Google has a big song and dance about the hoops they make complainants jump through here, and yet it only took a couple of e-mails to shut the whole site down?") was pretty clearly explained ("Oh, it wasn't just a couple of e-mails. Oh, this had been going on for a while.") By the time they had convinced me, RSLFM had posted that there had been no hack after all. As of today, is a thank-you note to readers and contributors, with a modest link to a site about DMCA abuse.

I rip off pictures three times a week, and steal jokes like there's money in it. But-

Excuse me, I have been informed that there actually is money in stealing jokes. Obviously I've been stealing the wrong jokes.

But I don't steal from people I hate, I steal from people I hope won't notice.

Anyway. I hope AYL keeps going successfully, and I apologize for thinking ill without proof. And I do hope RSLFM comes back, with all the quality and fewer dramabombs.