If it's April, then it must Pekerman

CD Guadalajara front man, Jorge Vergara, was quoted in various Mexican news outlets that the Femexfut will have made their choice for the next coach of the National Team by the end of this month.

Normally, I give as much credence to what is written in the Mexican press as I do to the onion. But since it was published in multiple outlets, then it has to be true... right?

I am having a tough time differentiating the distinction of making the choice and taking the job. Will they have a man in place by then, or will they just have their list of final candidates? If they aim to have a warm body in position, then that body will belong to Jose Pekerman.

If it ends up being the case, then it is not surprising at all. When compared to other countries, Argentina's influence in Mexican football is far and away the most prevalent. Most of the foreigners playing in Mexico are Argentine, as are most of the foreign coaches. The last coach to take Mexico to a world cup was an Argie. Even some of the chants sung in the stadia have been borrowed from Argentina.

Pekerman has had a solid, but unspectacular go of it so far as the Toluca coach. He has his team in position to qualify for the Mexican playoffs. Meh.

It is his experience leading Argentina's youth and senior squads that make him a strong candidate to take over the Mexican National team. He is certainly a safe choice, but is he the right choice? Mexico can be more patient and finicky when more coaches become available this summer. But patience is a quality seldom seen in the world of Mexican football.

Argentina's influence is indeed palpable, but has it made a difference? Has it been positive? In some ways, yes. It is not as if Mexico has just recently turned to Argentina to tap into her resources. Mexico has relied on Argentina for years to import talent, either on the bench, or on the field. I do wish, though, that for every 4 or 5 Argentines to pay in Mexico is there any way the Mexican clubs can send someone to Argentina on loan?