Well, crap. Time to call it a day.

Don Garber's starting a blog. Breton has the news here, but it's also on MLSnet's Wheel of Imagination.

Well, I guess that's it then. Really no point in going on - no way I can compete with that. There goes the soccer blogosphere. It's pretty much gonna make us all irrelevant. I mean, I can barely, barely see competing with Joe Cannon, but Don Garber....nah, time to pull the plug. I know when I'm beat. Might as well shut it down while I still have some dignity.

It's Huss I really feel bad for - he was building this great list of featured bloggers, and then bam! Face full of Garber.

I guess I had a good run. Never did win that Pulitzer. If I had to pick a favorite moment...well, there was the time I made this LONG-ass post about squirrels. That was sweet.

But I guess my best post ever was last year.

Good stuff. Punchy. Like Hemingway. It's like, sometimes I was so good, I scared myself.

Oh, well. More time to devote to my "Two and a Half Men" spec script.

Here's what I've got so far:

CHARLIE SHEEN: I'm super-strong and I can see and hear for miles
OTHER GUY: Look out! Terrorists! And it looks like they're also ninjas!!!
FAT KID: Oh noes
CHARLIE SHEEN: No problem, check this **** out

(NINJA TERRORISTS enter. Wicked awesome fight - CHARLIE SHEEN does these big-ass roundhouse kicks and ****, and the NINJA TERRORISTS get seven kinds of crap beat out of them and are all bleeding and dead and stuff)

CHARLIE SHEEN: I won, **** yeah

....okay, the thing is, it was going to be a "Bionic Woman" spec script.

....but, they cancelled "Bionic Woman," and, see, I didn't want to just throw the whole thing out, so....

....yeah, this just isn't my week.