You can't spell "aggravated" without AEG

I was checking out the latest superdelegate voting over at Peter's blog, to see whether "Riot" would be hurt by its remarks about Red Stars and Wind clinging to guns and religion, when it occurred to me that I hadn't heard the other shoe drop about my local team.

The reason that I dread Peter Wilt being lured away from CWPS is that he's about the only guy whose team is engaging potential fans at the moment. At least Sky Blue, the Breakers, and the Freedom have an existing structure, and presumably are letting their fans know that they're going upscale in 2009. But west of the Mississippi? Well, there's the women's half of the St. Louis MLS expansion effort. For Dallas and Los Angeles? Vapor.

Anyway, a month ago, Scott French told us that the Los Angeles Lady Thompson's Gazelles (or whatever) would be the Southern California Lady Fighting Amoebas (or whatever):

A month later, and AEG is taking season ticket deposits on a team to play in the Home Depot Center.

So, as a potential customer, I put in a call to AEG's sales office and said something like, "Before I give you $50.00 for two season ticket deposits, can I get some assurance that you're actually going to field a team?" or words to that effect. Needless to say, I am shivering with antici....

(say it!)


Oh, yeah, they're also involved in Dynamo news this week. Well, either that little breakdance fight will end like it did with San Jose, or it will end like it did with Salt Lake, and there's fairly little mere insects like us can do about it.