MLS in the Morning

When we read that the three Cuban defectors now on trial with the Galaxy had taken the bus all the way from Florida to L.A. my first reaction was shock and horror. Having endured my share of nightmarish days and nights traveling Greyhound many years ago (you haven't lived until you've spent 13 hours in the Toledo Bus Station) I could only imagine what it must have been like, and I couldn't figure out why Panayotis hadn't found a way to get the guys some cheap plane tickets.

YESTERDAY, OUR FRIEND BEAU DURE EXPLAINED IT in one of those "well, duh!" moments: because they didn't have paperwork the TSB wouldn't have let them board.

Still, they were better off than TFC WHO ALMOST MADE IT A 13 TEAM LEAGUE AGAIN on Monday when their plane experienced "hydraulic problems" and had to make an emergency landing in Omaha:

"We panicked a bit..." said Carver "...As we came in to land everybody went quiet. Not much conversation and, I think Mo looked out the window and the police had stopped traffic on the motorway. When that happens you know it's serious. I could see the fire engines, ambulances..."

Fortunately, TFC will live to lose again. And they might want to remember that Greyhound never crash lands.

A couple weeks back I mentioned how USL and MLS really could (and should) be doing a lot more in terms of cooperation, player development and all of that. The Richmond Kickers HAVE BEEN DOING IT ON THEIR OWN FOR A LONG TIME. The NYRB signing of Ricky Schramm to a developmental contract makes it 21 players who've moved on from Richmond to MLS, including some pretty significant names, like Mike Clark and Dwayne Derosario.

Still, 21 in 13 years is a relatively small number compared to what the Kickers - and USL 1 overall - could be doing if MLS would just be wiling to throw them a few bones every now and again.

The Revolution is still patiently waiting for Michael Vidiera, the second overall pick in the 2008 SUperdraft, TO MAKE UP HIS MIND WHETHER TO SIGN WITH MLS. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like it's about time the kid signed with someone. Mom's basement gets old pretty quick after you graduate from college.

Finally from Irish Voice comes the oddly disturbing news that World Famous Ear Muncher Mike Tyson wants to pay a visit with Paul Gascoigne to help him through his latest bout of depression.

I hope Tyson rethinks this idea: poor Gazza has enough problems already