Garber to Houston: "Pony Up or We Walk"

In a surprisingly blunt letter from MLS Commissioner Don Garber, Houston Mayor Bill White was given WHAT SOUNDS AN AWFUL LOT LIKE AN ULTIMATUM regarding that city's financial involvement in the construction of a new stadium for the Houston Dynamo.

"Because it's MY BALL, that's why"*

"(Garber) said he'd consider moving the Dynamo out of Houston unless the city agreed to help pay for a new stadium. Otherwise, "the Houston team will continue to lose money."

The mayor didn’t take to the letter.

"I don't respond well to threats, it was, I don't know,” said White.

White says he thinks Garber is "bluffing"

If I were him, I wouldn't bet on it. St. Louis is not that far away.

*Extra credit for anyone who recognizes the reference.