MLS Week 3 Power Rankings! - toughest road schedule

Inspired by Mr. D. Kinnear of Houston, in order of the longest road trips teams will make this year.

1. Kansas City, who started with four at home but now get their next six on the road
2 (tie). San Jose. Four road games in a row in June and July...six out of seven on the road from the end of May to the beginning of July, and the home game in that stretch is in Oakland...eight out of eleven road games leading into the All-Star Break. Probably could put them at #1.
2 (tie). Los Angeles, four in a row on the road, but it's not that bad because the All-Star Game is in there
4 (tie). Dallas - three, but with four out of five on the road in June
4 (tie). Bizarro Chivas - three, but in September, when the Champions League is going to kick in, we think.
4. (tie) DC United, three
4. (tie) Colorado, three
4. (tie) New York, three (a miracle, since their home park has a couple of pushy tenants in the fall)
4. (tie) Toronto, three (but it's over now)
4. (tie) "I didn't realize the schedule was as hard as it was; we're away the next three weeks," coach Dominic Kinnear said Friday. "How fair is that? I'm not complaining about the way we've started or the way we've been playing, but I am complaining about the schedule.

"I think it's ridiculous the way the season has opened up for us and for other teams, so I'm going to voice my concerns about that."

The Dynamo are coming off a 3-0 semifinals defeat at Saprissa of Costa Rica on Wednesday that eliminated them from the CONCACAF Champions' Cup. They play at Kansas City today, the first stop in a three-game road trip.

The Dynamo's next home game will be May 3 against Chivas USA.

"Whoever's done the schedule used us as an afterthought," Kinnear said.
11. (tie) Chicago, two
11. (tie) Salt Lake, two
11. (tie) New England, two (although they might have to go to Carson for an extra Superliga game)
11. (tie) Columbus, two