MLS in the Morning

This, that and the other thing:

Maybe Tribal Football has incredible, super-secret, insider sources that nobody else has, or maybe they're the soccer version of Weekly World News sitting around making up stories about Hitler and Elvis playing Mah Jong with JFK and some alien who just had a love baby with Ashlee Simpson.

However it is, they seem to have the inside track with all things Thierry Henry; now they're saying that NYRB is locked in a struggle with the as-yet-nonexistent Seattle Sounders for the increasingly unhappy France superstar.

You'd feel a lot better if someone, anyone else was picking up on this stuff.

Meanwhile, the LA Times is reporting that Chivas is DEPERATELY SEEKING A MEXICAN SUPERSTAR in what is obviously an attempt to sell a couple tickets.

Seems funny, doesn't it? The team which, we were endlessly told, would be essentially a Mexican entry in MLS, and thus would pack stadiums with mobs of Mexican fans eager to see MLS teams full of American college boys get their asses handed to them by players from south of the border, instead find themselves with just two Mexican players, virtually no fans at all and are looking for ways to attract Mexican fans.

Only in MLS.

For those of you who came in late and think the (reported) resignation of NYRB GM Marc deGrandpre was some kind of one off or unusual bump in the road, HERE'S A PRIMER ON THE LONG, SAD TALE OF WOE that comprises the history of the NY entry in Major League Soccer.

I've never been completely convinced that the whole "New York is the center of the universe and MLS has to succeed there or fall on it's face" theory wasn't a bit overblown, but at the same time it's tough to argue that it doesn't mean something more than, say, Kansas City or Salt Lake.

"Stability" for it's own sake is sometimes overvalued; the sports world is full of very stable losers and winners rife with chaos. But in the case of NYRB, perhaps a little "normalcy" would go a long ways.

Finally, say what you want about society's obsession with celebrities, but WHEN IT COMES TO DAVID BECKHAM THE WORLD HAS GONE INSANE.

Mom and the kids went to a game, the kids got bored, Mom ended up trying to entertain the young ones with a little See and Say "The Cow Says Moo" action and the kid tried to jam a toy up his nose.

Film at 11.