Dark of the matinee (Galaxy-Tories, other MLS R)

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True story. After the game, my song shuffle dialed up, in order, Devo's version of "Satisfaction" and Beck's "Loser." I didn't remember making a "Songs to Play After Losing At Home to Toronto" playlist, but fortunately my player's ADD kicked in before it came up with Neil Young's "Helpless," "Blame Canada" and "The Black Angel's Death Song." I don't think Fry's has an exorcist on staff.

David Beckham, either through weakness or droit de seigneur, was the first to admit defeat at the hands of the heat, imperiously demanding water bottles be brought to the opposite sideline for his easy reach. Toronto's left side players, astonishingly, DID NOT STEAL BECKHAM'S WATER. The psychological advantage gained would have been worth its weight in, well, water on a hot day. But, stupidly, Toronto decided to be sportsmanlike. Had they ended up losing or tying, the lesson would have been, "When David Beckham admits weakness, exacerbate it."

Toronto ended up winning, primarily through their own efforts and discipline, partly because Landon Donovan had the worst two-goal game I'd ever seen. It should have been something like 6-4 (Beckham should have been called for a penalty - just between you and me, I'm starting to worry about Captain Dave's attitude), but Donovan's conversion rate on absolutely unmissable chances was only 33% or so.

I shudder to think how close I was last week to writing "Wow, Toronto's Amado Guevara deal was even worse than the Greg Vanney trade!" (It IS, by the way. No way in hell Toronto's getting four years of work out of Amado Effin' Guevara. And technically, Vanney's only been responsible for one Galaxy loss so far this season.)

I can't believe the rumors that Jeff Cunningham is available to a good home - over the years I've become a huge Cunningham partisan. I wish he played for my team - we could convert Alan Gordon into a central defender or something. Beckham, Donovan, Ruiz, AND Cunningham. We'd...okay, lose a lot of goalfests like on Sunday. But at least San Jose wouldn't get him, since he is exactly precisely what they need. I don't know whether Cunningham would have flopped had Vanney's foul been inside the penalty area, but the question didn't come up, since Jeff was able to simply shrug Greg aside and victimize Cronin.

So the Galaxy are proud owners of three points where they were hoping for nine and should have had six. And they'd have zero points if the flag had stayed down in the first five minutes of the San Jose game. The Galaxy's next two games are at home to Houston and Chivas USA. If the Galaxy are eliminated yet again in the last weekend of the season, it'll be because for the third consecutive year they were useless in April. Yes, DC United can take April off and still win Supporters' Shields. There's no justice.

Anyway. When is the Columbus-Chivas USA game from Saturday going to be on ESPN Classic?