Friedel Says he Won't be Coming Back to MLS

For years now it's been an article of faith that when he got a little too long in the tooth to keep playing for Blackburn, Brad Friedel would return for another year or two in MLS.

And apparently, Brad thought so himself, or at least "part of him" did.

(Presumably that would be the part that doesn't now speak with a pronounced British accent, which would hopefully also be the part that has an absolutely stunning, step-on-your-tongue, knockout of a wife. It's good to be Brad.)

NOW HE SEEMS TO HAVE DECIDED OTHERWISE and when the time comes to hang up the gloves for good he wants to hang them on a peg at Ewood Park.

We have a funny, though understandable, double standard in these things: we don't like it when big foreign stars think they'll come to America for a couple more years of paychecks drawn in an atmosphere bordering on semi-retirement, but we feel differently about old American heroes.

Which is just fine by me; Ernie Stewart, Claudio Reyna, maybe Brian McBride soon, these guys have earned our respect and, frankly, an extended goodbye tour courtesy of MLS.

But Bradley has always marched to his own drummer and kept his own counsel. It's not surprising that, once again, he's decided to do it his own way.