Tom Soehn Takes Aim at Donny G

District of Columbia United Head Coach Tom Soehn is a pretty serious guy - and the early leader for "Best Dressed MLS Coach" - who's been around enough to know that a smart man picks his enemies carefully.

So it's hard to say whether it's a genuine fit of pique or a calculated bit of theater when he TAKES A POTSHOT AT MLS COMMISSIONER DON "I'M NOT A CYLON" GARBER

In the wake of The Districts less-then-convincing first leg performance against Pachuca, GARBER SHARED SOME THOUGHTS WITH REPORTERS:

"...boy, we've got to do better. For this league to win over the core audience, we've got to be able to be among the best clubs in North America.

"D.C. United talks about their goal is to win a spot in the World Club Championship. They want to be the best team in the region, the best team in Concacaf. They really struggled the other night."

Maybe it's just me, but most of that seems pretty obvious, and I'm having a hard time reading any kind of a criticism of DC into any of it.

But in the wake of their disappointment on Wednesday, Soehn , after sharing some unkind comments about the caliber of the officiating, took dead aim at the Commish:

"I want to thank our commissioner for motivating us [with] some slighted comments he had against us," Soehn said, adding that he "appreciate[d] Garber's analysis."

I'm going to go out on a limb and conclude that the last part, about how he "appreciates Garber's analysis" is sarcasm. Feel free to correct me.

And while I have the greatest respect for SoccerAmerica's Bob Wagman, I don't agree that GARBER WAS BEING OBLIVIOUS OR DENSE. I'd be willing to bet that Garber knows as well as anyone just exactly what the problem is without Battling Bob spelling it out for him.

Rather, it seems to me that Soehn is working on building a fair-sized "us against them" chip on his team's collective shoulder. Maybe he feels that a little more attitude is all that his team lacks at this point.

Frighteningly for the rest of the league, he might be right.