The Early Line

Last Week: After taking a severe hit on opening weekend, I chose to play it close to the vest in Week Two, and the three low-odds favorites - LA, DC and Chivas - all came through, with a net gain of 2.02.

Unfortunately I also elected to get cute and took KC-Colorado to draw, which they didn't quite manage, cutting the win margin in half.

Still, it's like they say about airplanes: any landing you walk away from....

So here, courtesy once again of ISFA, are the best available odds for this weekend's MLS games:

San Jose - Chicago 2.88/3.25/2.58

Columbus - Chivas 2.70/3.45/2.92

New England - Colorado 1.89/3.65/3.20

Kansas City - Houston 2.42/3.45/3.20

Dallas - NYRB 2.28/3.50/3.45

Salt Lake - DC 3.45/3.60/2.26

Los Angeles - Toronto 1.56/4.20/7.00

Home underdogs scare me, even when it's the Fire playing the Earthquakes, and Columbus routinely finds a way to screw up against Chivas.

So I'll take the Revs @ 1.89, KC @ 2.42 and then throw the rules out the window and take DC @ 2.26. I think they're in a really bad mood.

I'm sorely tempted to take the undefeated RedBulls over the Dallas Walking Wounded, but that's the kind of game I stay away from.

Apparently Amado Guevara will be joining TFC in California this weekend but so what: LA @ 1.56 seems like easy money.