Are You Willing to Bare it All for Euro 2008?

World famous Naked person photographer Spencer Tunick is looking for 2008 people to drop trou for a group photo he wants to take in ERNST HAPPEL STADIUM IN VIENNA.

Sadly, I'm guessing that my posting a picture of frolicking naked Austrians won't go over real big with the powers-that-be, so you'll just have to settle for a picture of the building. Sorry.

According to the article, Austria's National Railway will offer free travel - presumably while wearing clothes - to the event for all participants.

I'm pretty sure they're referring to Austrian rail service and not Transatlantic Air, so if you want to strip down with the Frauleins down on the sod, you'll have to figure out how to get there on your own.

I'm taking up a collection to send Loney.