Money talks, Bulls chief walks

It's front-page news on, front-page news on the Red Bulls site - er, top of the list of news items on the Red Bulls site...okay, I had to make about fifteen clicks before finding this, Marc de Grandpre has resigned to pursue "a new position in the business community." Maybe he's working in Scott Garlick's title office. De Grandpre was the fellow who decided that Bruce Arena would resign because the Bulls didn't win MLS Cup last year - no, really, that's what he said. And he's not simply leaving the Bread Rolls, either - he's leaving the entire company, after nine years. New York is in first place, after all, so I guess he's quitting while he's ahead.

I haven't been able to find anything on where de Grandpre is going or who's in line to replace him - in other words, Ives and Goff don't have anything up yet.

You can't argue with de Grandpre's success - MAN, I love that joke - but I don't feel silly for not seeing this coming. It's almost as if this was de Grandpre's decision to pursue a terrific opportunity. That would mean a press release about an MLS official's sudden and unexpected resignation is more or less accurate. Let me check.

Nope. No flying pigs.

Well, Marc de Grandpre is a private citizen now, and thus out of the purview of this blog, but your undefeated and untied New York Red Bulls roll merrily along. I don't want to say that the Red Bulls are overdue to hire a success in this position, but imagine what would happen if they did?

My preferences, which I can't emphasize enough are utterly uninformed:

1. Eddie Pope, assuming he doesn't have a non-compete clause in his MLSPU contract.
2. Bruce Arena needs a gig. Might or might not be a fan of the current coach.
3. Promote Jeff Agoos - assuming he's not a deep cover DC United spy. They're crafty like that.
4. Eric Wynalda needs a gig. I will keep suggesting him for things like this until ESPN brings him back. I demand to have Eric Wynalda in the public eye ubiquitously.


179,593,323. Elliott Spitzer needs a gig.
179,593,324. Hitler's brain in a jar
179,593,325. Tab Ramos. Sorry, Tony, but there might be many good reasons why Spittin' Tab wasn't given a MetroJob before now.
179,593,326. Me
179,592,327. My dead cat
179,592,328. Giorgio Chinaglia

(Meola interview link, of course, courtesy of Bill. Quick aside on Tony - every time I think I don't like him, I'll remember US Cup 2003 and forgive him. I never liked the way he would just scream at defenders over what looked to my untrained eye like goalkeeper errors - which is why I'm so taken with how Guzan handles his backline. He's a first-ballot Hall of Famer, and I'm glad he doesn't have any intention of leaving the game any time soon. But he himself would be a way better choice than Ramos.)