Cuban Defectors on Trial in LA

Reportedly, three of the Cuban defectors from the U23 Concacaf Olympic Qualifier surfaced in Southern California and are currently on trial with the Galaxy.

(Unfortunately, there's no word on whether ESPN's Andrew Hush thinks this would be a great opportunity to nab them and ship them back)

They apparently RODE THE BUS FROM FLORIDA TO CALIFORNIA which, without checking the schedules, is probably 72 hours or so of pure misery.

No word on where their paperwork stands or what happened to the other guys, but the culture shock involved in going from the Cuban National team to hanging around the locker room with Dave, Landon and the gang would be staggering for almost anyone.

Who knows if any of these guys can make a go of it, in MLS or anyplace else. But for these three players, the last 30 days have been one hell of a ride.