Our lips are sealed

The Offside Rules came up with a genius idea - the Credibility Table.

Of course, I'm in favor of it, because I'm not being tracked. Even though when I say things like:



...you would think there would be some consequences.

And I shouldn't do this, especially since I'm not being tracked, and especially seeing that I'm one of the most thin-skinned people on the nets....but man, does MLS Rumors jump when poked, or what?

Regarding the one thing I did sorta get right - guessing that the club was going to switch course and call them the Sounders - there's been some question as to whether this was the plan all along. I said it was "New Coke," but I think it was "New Coke" in the real sense, not in the "It was planned to make the old version even more popular" sense.

I'm basing this primarily on the logo, which I think they had decided on before any of the names were picked. It's a Perfectly Acceptable Logo, but it's non-specific enough to work with any of the suggested names. (Okay, it's Seattle-specific, what with the Space Noodle and everything. But they weren't going to announce a shock move to San Antonio, were they?) I think this says they did intend a name change, and the overwhelming fan resistance to the idea was what pushed the addition of a write-in choice to the poll, and eventually the victory of the Sounders name.

Now, if they had had their hearts set on "Seattle Squids," and designed a logo along those lines, they probably would have stuck with a squid logo for a couple of years like San Jose did with the scorpion. Fortunately, the team that represents the land of Microsoft left themselves the opportunity to Ctrl-Z, and MLS fandom is happier for it.