Carry on My Wayward Son

The Toronto Sun has posted a story by Dean McNulty which quotes former Metrostar and Chivas forward Amado Guevara as saying that he HAS SIGNED A FOUR YEAR DEAL WITH TORONTO FC. There's no word on when TFC will make an official announcement.

In essence, Mo Johnston turns out to be the guy who's desperate enough to roll the dice.

You'd like to say that Guevara has matured, outgrown his childish petulant temper and is now ready to resume an MLS career that took him from League MVP to league pariah in a span of two years.

You'd like to say that, but you can't, one of the reasons being that he is currently under a 30 day suspension from the Central American Football League after a dustup with a referee.

Apparently he was loudly critical of senior official Mario Moncada and when the league called him in to answer questions about the affair he refused to show up.


He says the reason that he's leaving Motagua is that the "persecution" he's under from the league is "unbearable". Last we saw of him, he thought the same thing about MLS, which was a bit peevish about him having shoved an assistant referee.

Immensely talented guys like him will always be able to find a team desperate enough to hold their nose and hand him a uniform. Sport is rife with guys who can get away with being complete jerks as long as they can run a 4.3 40 or throw a 94 mph two-seamer over the inside corner or thread a ground pass to a sprinting forward.

Good teams don't bring in problems like Guevara. It's the desperate, horrible ones who manage to convince themselves that guys like this can change.

Bottom line, guys like him never change, because they don't have to. When you're really good, there's always a team who'll take you in.

*Edited from Star to Sun. If this keeps up I'm going to have to hire an editor.