US-Mexico (R)

Just kidding! No need for the (R) tag. It wasn't on television, so you couldn't have watched it if you wanted to.*

Why wasn't a US-Mexico game on television?

Just kidding! It wasn't a real game, it was a women's game.

I'm not saying that simply to generate traffic through cheap, inflammatory controversy.

Just kidding! Obviously, I am. But I am using it as a ham-fisted way of making a point. I don't feel quite as stupid for perusing the wire and going "Olympics qualifying was THIS month?" The Mexico win isn't even the lead story on US Soccer right now. Instead, some guy in a striped shirt is trying to sell me tickets to number one ranked Argentina.**

Oh, the US won, by the way. Mexico is in the other semifinal against Canada, and we're playing It Only Matters If We Lose.

There's pretty much no winning right now for the women's team. If they were to somehow flop in their next game against CONCACAF Tomato Can and miss the Olympics, the horse laughs and/or rage from part-time fans and pundits like, well, me would rival the reaction to the World Cup. And if they qualify - no one will pay attention, because after all, it's just another warmup against a regional jilloff.***

Speaking of having an uninformed opinion - feel free to vote for the MVP of the tournament for the US.

It's a good thing US Soccer at least wanted to tell us about the game, because this could be an important milestone:

Mexico embracing women's soccer would be the best thing for the United States...just like the increased popularity of the men's game is the best thing that ever happened to the Mexico men's team. This will all pay off down the road for everyone involved.

So we're exploiting patriotic loyalty in order to promote an unpopular sport. That's what the Olympics are all about.

*Or, as Christopher Robin Zimmerman used to say about following pro wrestling plot twists, "It wasn't on TV, so it didn't happen."

**Wait, are they carrying over their World Cup win, or was this because they won Copa America? I'm not saying Argentina sucks or anything, but, do FIFA rankings even have criteria anymore, or are they just stealing my Alphabetical Power Rankings! idea?

***You know, a female version of a...yeah, never mind