Goooooood Morning MLS!

From our good friend scaryice at CLIMBING THE LADDER, comes this week's MLS Highlight reel.

There's usually loads of good stuff over there, an if you're not an Adjunct Professor of Soccer Snobbery (and Assistant Dean of "I'm Full of Myself") at the Philadelphia School of Air Conditioning Repair, then you might even be able to just enjoy yourself.


Glen Davis has some interesting comments in a column today. Among other things he MAKES THE POINT THAT MLS COULD HELP TAKE SOME OF THE SCHEDULE PRESSURE off of teams which are competing outside of the league.

Maybe it's just me, but it seems like a big part of the problem is the roster and salary rules that MLS teams have to function under. In the past, people have suggested tweaking the rules somewhat for those teams to give them a little breathing room, which I think is a horrible idea, but I don't see why the league couldn't at least tinker with the schedule a bit for them. It wouldn't impact anyone else's season.

Finally while not necessarily soccer news per se but as a follow-on to Dan's piece a few weeks back on the problems looming just under the Beijing 2008 Olympic horizon, IT'S BEGINNING TO GET UGLY OUT THERE and it's only going to get worse the closer we get to the games themselves.

The Chinese don't seem to have considered the fact that Western countries just aren't going to be cowed by their extensive assortment of goons and bully boys. Sending special forces thugs to England and France for the torch relay is just one example of how tone-deaf these guys really are.

People make a lot of the fact that those of us here in the West "just don't understand" the Chinese mind. And they're largely correct. But it's just as true that they don't understand us, either.

And therein may lie the seeds of some real problems come this summer.