Warner: "I Don't Want to Say That Jack Warner is God...."

If FIFA Vice President, Executive Board member, President of CONCACAF and "Special Advisor" to the T & T Football Federation Jack Austin Warner ever decides to give up being a professional criminal....excuse me, I mean "soccer administrator", it's clear that he has a career in standup comedy just waiting for a guy with his talent.

Seems the National Sports Minister for Trinidad & Tobago hasn't handed over a big pile of money for Jack to steal...darn this keyboard...."use for the benefit of soccer", and not getting the money always makes Jack cranky.

THIS ARTICLE DOESN'T EXPLAIN JUST WHY IT IS that the money is being withheld, but if the new Sports Minister is anything like the old one, then it's because Jack has steadfastly refused to ever hand in anything remotely like an accounting of what's being done with the dough.

But of course to Jack, the problem is "racism", which is always an interesting charge coming from one of the most virulent racists in world sport. And it's particularly interesting when leveled at a "mixed race" official of a former slave colony whose proportion of citizens descending from European ancestry stands at a staggering 0.6%.

But that's not the best part, which comes later in the article, when Jack is quoted as telling the members of the T & T national team not to expect to make money playing soccer for their country.

This from a guy who claimed that the player's "half" of the over $10,000,000 which T & T received for their 2006 World Cup appearance came to exactly $600 per player.

Still, you could say that he's just being honest: "Don't expect to make money playing for T & T" he may be saying "because any money that shows up I'm just going to steal"

So Jack says he's funding T & T soccer out of his pocket? Well, considering that as a retired school teacher who got a job as a soccer administrator twenty years ago and who now has an estimated net worth of US$50 million, I'd say he can certainly afford it.