The new Seattle name is....

Seattle naming ceremony liveblog:

12:00-12:07: (watermelon canteloupe watermelon canteloupe watermelon canteloupe)*

12:08: They should have contrasted the fish throwing with Fish diving. I amuse me

12:09: Qwest Field will become the greatest stadium ever to host an MLS game. In other words, F.U., BigSoccer complainers.

12:10: Don't make me list some of Revolution Studios' greatest flops.

12:10: The fans have a direct say-so in how the team is run, except for naming the thing, haw haw haw

12:11: Youth soccer participation guarantees pro soccer success.

12:11: Number one ticket the US.

12:12: So Kyle McCarthy wants Herculez Gomez to go back to "Gomez" on the back of his shirt, and like, he's so wrong! I mean, we want fun in this league! "Herculez" forever! Sorry, I'm a little bored.

12:13: Honkshoe** so far.

12:14: Oh, yeah, the Seahawks were gonna leave that one time! They were going to be the Los Angeles Seahawks. Which would have been a huge success.

12:15: More "They're gonna play in Qwest, so eat it, BigSoccer."

12:16: There are four main drivers for Seattle's success: surprise, fear, and a fanatical devotion....

12:16: Oh, here we go! The winner is, without further Adu....

12:17: Followed by further ado. Jesus.

12:18: SEATTLE SOUNDERS FC! Justice triumphs! The live crowd goes apathetic! There is a God! And not one that demands that priests carve out hearts at the top of pyramids! The URLs were a SHOCKING SWERVE! The Darth Vader "NOOOOOO!" graphic I copied will go unused! They do listen to the fans! Comment at 12:10 is wrong!

Bored with Joe Roth. Time to post.

*Simulated crowd noise.***

**As in, "Honk...shoooooo". Like snoring. Joke stolen from Tom Servo.

***Joke stolen from that "What If?" comic where no one ever left the Avengers, so "Avengers Assemble!" brought forth a multitude