Kenn reports, you decide

Kenn crunches a few MLS numbers here.

The number 3.3 jumped out at me, which is the average number of goals per game so far in the opening days. I thought coaches would be a little quicker to adjust to the trend of importing quality offensive-minded players. I can understand and appreciate Curt Onalfo's philosophy of "screw it, we'll just get more than they do," but I'd be startled if coaches like Kinnear and Nicol decide they want to have track meets every week.

It's also possible that the imported offensive talent (and pre-existing offensive talent, I don't want to take away anything from homegrown frontline powerhouses like Jimmy Conrad) is simply too good for the existing defensive talent, coaching adjustments or no. We might be in for a simply magical season of glorious plays and outstanding goals, and pointing out "Well, this can't last" is about as helpful as asking Wile E. Coyote how he keeps defying gravity like that.

Kenn's "Referee Watch" is ripe for abuse, but it'll be interesting to see if the number of fouls a game holds this consistently in the twenties. It's unusual to have a referee corps where there isn't an outlier in one direction, either a bleeding heart or a hanging judge. Abbey Okulaja did the Sunday rivalry game with lots of goals, and called the fewest fouls of the week. C'est la guerre.

The HUGE discrepancies in stoppage times have the same cause - high scoring games. I understand that five minutes of extra time is considered absolutely ridiculous, but with close, high-scoring games, I'd rather see more time than less. And when there's a game where one team could leave the field and it would still have taken the other team twenty minutes to tie the score, you're going to get twenty-two seconds of extra time with no complaint from either team.

I don't even know how you analyze attendance this year. Kansas City could sell out the year, and finish fourteenth in attendance, AND OnGoal will still build the new stadium so what does it matter? Toronto sold far more season tickets than anyone, but might finish behind Los Angeles in attendance yet again. San Jose's attendance, as they shuttle from Buck Shaw Stadium to Al Davis Stadium, will need more asterisks than Insert Cheap Barry Bonds Joke Here. The Quakes, Galaxy, and Tories will be neck and neck for the attendance title...and they each might be out of the playoff race by Labor Day.

Strange league. So, yeah, hope Kenn keeps posting stuff like this, I'd hate to do actual research.