England FA: Lay Down With Dogs....

The incomparable Andrew Jennings (I'm not worthy) has an important article in THE SUNDAY HERALD WHICH IS A MUST-READ for everyone interested in the course of world soccer in general and the World Cup in particular.

You may recall the post I did a couple weeks ago about professional fixer Peter Hargitay and his close connection with FIFA Supremo Sepp Blatter.

Jennings is now reporting that Hargitay has been hired by the English FA as a "PR Consultant" for their efforts to obtain the 2018 World Cup.

He points out that for the last five years, Hargitay has apparently been a principle of - if not THE principle of - a shadowy, paramilitary international band of what seems to amount to thugs and extortionists for hire in the form of

Zurich based "intelligence gathering" agency ABI, which offers clients "covert operation assignments", a "software expert with hacker-credentials" as well as "military and government-level surveillance" operations. On its website ABI boasts that one key operative is "a Cuban army colonel with a martial arts black belt." Come to a private meeting and ABI will disclose, "the full extent of services their implications and advantages".

Hargitay a) denies the connection despite pretty incontrovertible evidence to the contrary and b) APEARS TO OFFER TO KICK SHIT OUT OF JENNINGS

(Whatever you do, don't miss that last link)

Most importantly, Jennings asks the rhetorical question: With all the top-notch "PR Firms" in the UK, why did England hire this particularly reprehensible creature to spearhead thier WC drive?

Although Jennings doesn't offer an answer, he knows the answer as well or better than anyone alive: because, as hargitay himself has said, to win a bid for the World Cup, "you don't need to convince the whole world" to give it to you;

"All you need" Hargitay rightly noted, "is 13 guys", that being the number required to make a simple majority of the vote on FIFA's Executive Committee. Guys like, as we know, Jack Warner, Chuck Blazer and other world soccer notables.

And stalking big time prey like that is Hargitay's stock in trade.

Jennings main question seems to be simply this: Of what value is the World Cup if you have to sell your soul to get it? With typical British reserve, he calls this an "Unseemly Appointment". Most of the rest of us would call it an outright disgrace.