Dieter Kurtenbach: A Man With a Functioning Brain

In contrast to some people out there who have made up their minds, know everything they ever want to know and are now working themselves into a heart attack in an effort to intellectually justify being closed minded, we have THIS GUY IN CHICAGO WHO I WOULD LOVE TO MEET

Here's a guy who admits he was a fan of European soccer in general and Liverpool in particular, who gave MLS no respect and no love and had no interest in it.

Then a funny thing happened: he watched an entire game.

To be fair, he says - and we all would completely agree - that MLS style soccer is not EPL soccer. Only a fool would say otherwise. I urge you to read the whole thing, but here's the key graph:

When I haphazardly watched the MLS before I never paid any attention to the style of play. I assumed that the game was sloppy, inept and weak. I was dead wrong. Without a doubt, the MLS is not even close to the level of the European class, but the game is crisp, clean and exciting.

I've made it a policy to not go around kissing guys, but so help me I'm thinking of making an exception in this case.