Galaxy 2, Quakes 3; Fire 1, Revolution 1 (Thursday night MLS results R)

Yes, San Jose has had three different badges in their club's history - the Clash badge, and the two slightly different Earthquakes logos. The Galaxy of course had a rebranding last year. Meanwhile, the Fire and Revolution are both on their first logo.

And now, discussion of the actual games, after this spoiler image.

Okay, yeah, but that was from a San Jose fansite, that's not an official ruling. On the MLS site, they....

Well, hm, my very favorite writer doesn't mention it. Strange he wouldn't talk about a game-turning event like that. It's not like him to miss something totally obvious.

But, I'm sure if we look at the match highlights, we'll see..., that's weird. They don't seem to have it up on the official site.

I suppose the only rational conclusion is that Cochrane was SO offside, it wasn't even worth spending time discussing.

What's truly baffling, though, is the more or less level-headed responses from our Quake fans. Lesser slights than this have resulted in torch-waving mobs descending on the Anschutz ranch. Well, ascending on, it's in the mountains, but still. Who are you, and what have you done with the San Jose fanbase?

Small sample size, but the Earthquakes will continue to struggle until they get some more bodies on the roster. It's not 2003 anymore - even assuming Yallop does end up getting the guys he wants, he's going to have to go more than about thirteen deep to last the season these days.

Oh - Kei Kamara signed autographs and posed with pictures with a bunch of kids wearing Beckham gear after the game, which I thought was unusually classy. I assume this was Kamara being a nice guy, and not being extorted by a criminal mastermind like in "Die Hard" or "Saw" or something.

And in Alan Gordon's defense, I'm pretty sure that tying shoes under pressure isn't as easy as it sounds, especially when twenty thousand people are calling him developmentally disabled and voicing the opinion that, however regrettable it was that his parents met, at least they never learned each other's names, nor saw each other again once the transaction was completed.

It's nice to be screaming at strangers again.

As far as Fire-Revolution, well, okay, New England got rolled. At least Steve Nicol will make another contribution to the US Soccer Foundation, although perhaps involuntarily, based on this:

Well, I like Jeff Larentowicz, but he should have kept his studs down. You can decide for yourself here, after the first goal...which, by the way, was squeezably, adorably soft, which tells me that it wasn't gonna be the Revolution's night no matter what.

Every game this weekend looks intriguing for lots of different reasons. Okay, so the Wizards moved the kickoff to accommodate the Final Four game, but I'm still interested, even if average Kansan sports fans aren't.