The Early Line

Bookmakers all have nice summer homes paid for by guys who thought they'd get cute.

Their kids go to private schools, their wives spend all day getting their eyebrows waxed and having two-hour $300 lunches with their friends, and STILL idiots line up to bet on road teams in MLS games.

So it was that after making a no-brainer Columbus over TFC pick at a paltry 1.85 I figured the Fire at 2.90 and DC at 2.60 were pretty safe. At least one of them would come through, I'd sit out the other games due to early-season uncertainty and come up smelling like roses come Monday morning.


But heck - opening weekend is a crap shoot. When you fall off the horse, all you can do is jump back on and beat hell out of the old nag.

Here, once again courtesy of ISFA, are the best current odds offered for this weekend:

CHI - NE 2.50/3.50/3.05

LA - SJ 1.90/3.65/5.00

DC - TFC 1.55/3.75/7.00

NY - CLB 2.00/3.25/3.65

KC - COL 2.10/3.25/3.50

CHIV - RSL 1.57/3.70/6.50

HOUS - DAL 2.00/3.30/3.75

I don't ever recall seeing so many long odds games in one week; take Toronto, Salt Lake and San Jose, win all three and the bookmaker's wife will have to skip a spa day.

Back in the land of reality, taking LA @ 1.90, DC @ 1.55 and Chivas @ 1.57, while not as lucrative, is probably a better use for the money.

Then just for fun, since you know there'll be at least one draw this weekend, let's take KC-COL @ 3.25.

Not exactly going way out on a limb, but it's way too early in the season to be ringing up Jimmy No-Nose and explaining why the envelope is a little light this week.