That's great, it starts with an earthquake

"Our fans have been waiting for this day for more than three years. Now they're making us open our new franchise on the road, in the middle of the week? FU, AEG!"

"Last year our franchise opener was in the wrong country."

"Shut up. By the way, thanks again for the midfielder, but can we have a forward?"

"No way! You'd better get ready in October, we're going to come down to Costa Rica and blow you away!"

"That's actually a different know what, see you there!"

I liked this poll at the Center Line Soccer SJEQ fansite - the question was, where will San Jose finish this season? Your runaway winner:

See, stuff like this makes me glad San Jose is back. If you must make your fans drive five or six hours to a midweek opener, might as well be for a decent rivalry.

On the same site, Tim Hanley, ex-Galaxy goalkeepers coach, has this to say:

This is what it's come to for the Galaxy. The freaking expansion team's main concern with a road game sellout is overconfidence.

It's utterly stupid to call the second game of the season a must-win, but the last couple of years, the Galaxy thought they could survive losing games like this and ended up on the Appian Way going "He's Spartacus! That one, over there! For pity's sake, let me down!"* You all know what a relentless, sunny optimist I am, so I'm going to predict the Galaxy find their professional pride and win 2-0.

The other game today is probably one of the biggest sucker bets in a league that features them nearly every damn week. On the one hand, you've got Chicago, one of the only teams to get a point on the road so far. They're all still in love with Blanco, Toyota Park's going to be a madhouse, and they're looking for revenge against New England. The Revolution, on the other hand, now are on the receiving end of the last year's vengeance thing, and oh by the way they're without T-Bag and Stone Cold.

In other words, a typical MLS bar bet where, as the saying goes, you end up with cider in your ear. New England 2-1.

*Yeah, I've had that one laying around for a while, I just got sick of waiting to use it.