Seattle to Throw Money at Henry

For years now, Don Garber and his bosses have been lusting after the idea of Paul Allen's lovely money sitting around the table with them. The path to his door has worn down to raw dirt from the figurative re-soled brogans of hat-in-hand soccer execs trying to make nice with Bill Gate's ex-partner.

And ACCORDING TO TRIBAL FOOTBALL here's an example of why: Alen's Seattle FC team thinks they'd like to come out of the box with a bang, and a great way to do this would be to pay Thierry Henry £150,000 a week to join their still-to-be-named MLS entry.

Which, it should be noted, is £22,000 MORE than Barca is paying him. No pride swallowing involved. Everybody understands money.

I bet if he wants he could scoot over to the drivethru, fill up a styrofoam cooler with Coors Light and get Paul to give him a boat ride on the Octopus