Is Jorge Vergara the new FMF Alpha Male?

As the dust settles on one of the darker days in Mexican Football, I am left with to make a few relections:

Hugo Sanchez did have some results, but it ws his record against CONCACAF that led to his demise. You cannot underestimate your region, especially when the biggest target is still on your back. CONCACAF is nothing special, but the region's teams have improved. Let's hope the new guy recognizes and acts accordingly.

Jorge Vergara led the charge to sack Televisa golden boy, Hugo Sanchez. He was Hugo's most vocal critic, and the Olympic meltdown was more than enough ammunition to take down the coach. It makes me wonder if Vergara has wrested power away from the Televisa junta. I understand that Televisa has 3 votes out 18, but are their votes and influence used to signal what is best for their company, or what is best for Mexican footy?

It seems to me that Jorge Vergara is the rare owner who actually has the best interests of the sport in mind. There is no denying that his trigger is as itchy as other owners when it comes to coaching changes. But he has made a sizeable investment to improve the infrastructure of his club. He will have a new stadium built and operational soon, but more importantly, the Guadalajara academies are fast becoming one of, if not the leading suppliers of top Mexican talent to the league. Historically, Atlas, UNAM, and Club America, have been the most productive academies in Mexico. Over the past few years, CD Guadalajara has produced a higher number of quality players.

Luckily for Chivas, that pipeline feeds their first team. Chivas are currently in first place in the league, their average age is 23, and the majority of the team is made up of players from its own academy. More importantly, Vergara actually has long-term goals, which is a breath of very fresh air in the stagnant, myopic world of Mexican soccer.

If he is able to successfully overhaul Chivas, will he use the same blueprint to stimulate and improve the Mexican National team? The rumors are that he will look to Frank Rijkaard first. Whoever ends up being the Tri's new coach, you can bet that he will need Vergara's seal of approval before he is hired.