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The Houston Chronicle has a reminder this morning that the game on the field IS ONLY A PART of what a whole lot of MLS players are about.

Yeah, I know, sports stars visiting sick kids is practically a cliche, and it's really easy to get cynical about it, particularly when it's a $12 million a year outfielder with a six man entourage. But soccer produces more than it's share of really good people.

And it doesn't hurt to say so once in a while.

On the heels of New England's serious timepiece cleaning beat down of the Dynamo on Saturday COMES SOME LESS ENCOURAGING NEWS for Revs fans: Twellman is going under the knife and Ralston is out for at least three weeks.

Not exactly the kind of news you'd want to ride on into Chicago for the Thursday match against a none-too-happy Fire side.

The Sun has a none-too-gracious swipe at David Beckham COMPLETE WITH SPEECH BALLOON which, honestly, seems a bit silly.

It was one game. Cooke scored a goal. LA lost. The UK press is acting like Cooke just won World Footballer of the Year and Becks was discovered living in a homeless shelter.

Toronto FC, with an offense which appeared pretty harmless in Columbus over the weekend and looking down the barrel at trip to RFK this Saturday to face a DC side which is most likely in a a pretty foul mood, IS DESPERATELY SCRAMBLING TO COME UP WITH SOME HELP.

Of course, a lot of teams spend the period from October through March putting together their teams, but apparently Mo didn't feel the need to rush things.

Finally, some of you may have missed the report from SOCCER BY IVES yesterday regarding Brian McBride's interest in being one of the three "overage" players on the US team at the Olympics.

I'm having a hard time finding a downside. If nothing else, his young teammates would get a first hand, up close look at the meaning of the words "professionalism" and "class"

Seems like a win-win deal all around.