Quick restatement on the spoiler policy

1. See, the joke when the headline reads "Rapids 4, Galaxy 0 (R)", is the "(R)" part. It would be like last week if I had posted "This week, Sayid tells the captain that Michael's a spy and Rousseau gets shot (LOST spoilers)".

"WHAT? I put in the (R) tag, what do you WANT?" See? Comedy.

2. I don't mean to pick on certain complainers, but c'mon. You can't be bothered to watch the game in a timely manner, but you gotta see the attendances now now now? It's BigSoccer, not BigAttendances, isn't it?

3. When it comes to an NC-17 match like this, where Peter Murphy put up a better fight against the thugs in the beginning of Robocop than the Galaxy did against the Rapids, you got your three basic sets of people. Rapids fans, who should have been watching live, but if they weren't? I didn't wreck anything for them. In fact, I made their imminent viewing experience that much more fun. Galaxy fans, and you better believe I didn't wreck anything for them. That leaves people who aren't Rapids fans or Galaxy fans, so their interest in this game is by definition not as crucial. And the joke as described up there in (1) was funny enough to justify messing with their heads.

4. Game was shown in prime time on a Saturday night, and I didn't post until Sunday afternoon. C'MON. Yeah, I know, but C'MON. I'm saying this in my best Gob Bluth voice.

5. Although right now it's really tempting to do this joke all season, I probably won't. I have many entertaining spoiler images lined up, and I think Mimi the Sea Lion sticking her tongue out is going to win me this year's Colin Jose Media Award.

Yeah. That's the good stuff right there.

So, I promise not to do this again unless it amuses me to do so. You have my solemn word on that.