A sad day for American soccer

Hugo Sanchez is no longer Mexico's coach.

So much for those guaranteed six points in the Hex.

Although this does answer the question of whether third place in Copa America trumps winning the Gold Cup.

EDIT - because the home page quotes the entire post, with "Click here to read more." I felt bad for people who did, and got nothin'. So, I bring news that tomorrow will also be a sad day for American soccer, because David Beckham will be on Jay Leno.

I spent about fifteen minutes working on a joke along the lines of "Terry Cooke wasn't available?", but got no farther than those four words. I wanted something to justify quoting this from the e-mail press release:

This isn't on the Galaxy website, sadly, BUT, an AWESOME picture of Leno with the 1996 Galaxy IS, so run over there right this second because tomorrow it might not be there. Robin Fraser! Dan Calichman! Green, orange, red and black! Winning all the time! Magical days.

EDIT - YAY! Successfully stolen: